Welding Manipulators


Improve the efficiency of your welding job by connecting with Purple Engineering, which is the largest Welding Manipulators, Welding Gantry & Welding Automation provider in Australia. Our pipe welding equipment and automation Solutions are designed & made by LJ Welding Automation in Canada.

Full range of Welding Manipulators, Welding Gantry & Welding Automation solutions by purple engineering includes,

MIG Welding Boom Mount


MIG Welding Boom Mount is the best for busy workshops with limited floor space, tripping hazards, and a need for the maximum amount of operator on-arc time. Commonly used as a standalone process, or as a convenient root weld pass system for heavy wall tanks or vessels prior to submerged arc fill passes.

Standard Features

Adjustable lifting eye, adjustable drag brake sets boom resistance, customizable boom mount, integrated cable management channels, boom knuckle lock, hitch pin height adjust, equipment mounting locations, adjustable drag brake sets column rotation resistance, column lock, concrete-filled counterweight base with forklift pockets on all sides.

Additional Options

  • Oxy/Fuel cutting torch- mount on the very end for cutting and beveling pipe.
  • MIG torch-for welding pipe.
  • Plasma Torch-cutting and beveling and gouging pipe.
  • Automate with an LJ welding positioner or turning roll set for best possible productivity.

Beam Welding Gantry


Gantry systems from LJ Welding are used to weld long structural beams in the longitudinal direction. Welding gantry systems come with two distinct welding stations, weld seam tracking, camera systems and torch adjustability.

Benefits of the Beam welding gantry

  • Maximize welding deposition rates for SAW, MIG, or CMT welding of long horizontal welds to increase throughput.
  • The welding gantry is custom-built for customer specifications
  • Reduce incidental welding rework issues to increase profitability
  • Welding precision of up to 0.0039 of an inch (1/10 millimeter) is possible.
  • Safety – Minimize overhead crane use while maximizing operator comfort

Features of Submerged Arc Structural Steel Beam Welding Gantry

  • Twin independent submerged arc welding systems (typically 2 x 1,000 AMP).
  • Including S\servo controlled rack and pinion drive system, 2 digits linear speed precision and up to 35ft/min travel speed.
  • Operator’s chair and HMI console.
  • Powered cross-slide system for fine tuning of weld heads.
  • Rail system with cable and hose management (Up to 120 ft or to customer requirement)

Welding Manipulators


A welding manipulator is a piece of machinery that enables workers to reach any location where welding is required. Its purpose is to give the same level of lift and reach as a competent welder. It’s the perfect tool for automating welding processes and it provides a safer working environment.

Available Welding Manipulators

Available Portable Welding Manipulators

Available Options

  • Welding Power Source Options – Submerged Arc (SAW), MIG, or to customer requirement.
  • Input Power Options – As per standard spec or to customer requirements.
  • Upgrade Controls – full integration to LJ welding positioners or turning rolls through HMI touchscreens and master PLC.
  • Customizable with full integration capabilities for most existing mainstream welding equipment.

Available Accessories

  • Camera Systems- records all open arc welding processes including MIG, MAG, TIG, Plasma, Laser and Stick welding.
  • Seam Tracking-ISLS-on-Spiral-OD-1200×891.jpgn laser vision tracking, a laser sensor is positioned a short distance ahead of the welding torch.
  • Power Sources-Any style of welding head including SAW, FCAW, CMT, MIG, or other; integrated with Lincoln, Miller or Fronius.
  • Flux Systems-For all submerged arc processes, flux delivery, recovery, and heating (drying) options available to customer requirements.


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