Purple Engineering started in year 2013 by founder Alex Ocean (MIEAust) in Perth, Western Australia.

During that time we were facing huge amounts of delays in our Western Australian construction projects in the Oil & Gas industry mainly due to a shortage of reliable equipment available in Australia.
Limited number of suppliers, without any stock available in Australia, was turning most orders lead-time to 8-14 weeks.

The mission for Purple Engineering was to keep essential equipment from reliable suppliers here in Australia so that we can help our clients meet their deadlines.
It was a costly exercise as it translates to spending a lot of capital buying inventory and relying on clients to trust us with their projects.
For the first couple of years we were facing an uphill battle to convince businesses to work with us in order to receive their equipment immediately, however most companies didn’t want to change their existing suppliers.

Eventually when they needed some of our pipeline equipment urgently and we had it in stock, they purchased once… twice… and now we are their preferred supplier.
As you can feel from the tune of our message here, we are not a huge formal organization where nobody is responsible for nothing.
Purple Engineering is a small, friendly business just trying to help in every way we can.


Purple Engineering is an Australian distribution company based in Perth.
We are the Australian distributor for a number of reliable global brands and we keep inventory of our most essential equipment here in Australia.


Our complete name is Purple Engineering PTY LTD.
ABN: 79 163 404 644
Established in Perth, Western Australia in 2013.


Based on every enquiry we receive that we do not have the product for, we do a market research to see how many global brands exist which supply the requested product.
We also check to see how many of them have local representatives here in Australia.
If there are not enough suppliers in Australia for that product line, we test the market by representing a global supplier and their product line in our market.


Alex is a Civil Engineer and when he started this business, he didn’t know exactly which product will be the one that clients want the most.
Also purple was his favourite colour so he named it Purple Engineering.


We have a lot of new clients every week and it is not easy to keep this list up-to-date, but if you follow this link, you will find the list of our clients from the last time we updated it.


Other suppliers failed you because you are just another sale to them.


You need parts fast to get operations back on track and minimise downtime.


Everything is going wrong, and you just need a supplier you can trust.


You’re searching for a professional who understands your project at hand, not a phone operator good at taking messages.


You feel like the only thing that your existing suppliers see in you is profit.


You had enough of getting lost in the order book of big businesses that just don't care.

We are here to help. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements or challenges and we will support you and your team with everything we have.


Our main focus is Pipeline Industry and its relevant equipment
We are currently very strong on:

We are actively working on expanding our product line to help our clients as much as we can. If you have any product requests or suggestions, please get in touch.