Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainers

Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainers

Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainers

Cast Iron Simplex Basket strainers are frequently used where the flow line can be shut down for short periods to clean or change the basket. It becomes a vital component of the pipeline, through which all flow passes it. Simplex strainers are having a single basket and these strainers are guaranteed for use under moderate pressure and various temperature conditions. Clean baskets, offer excellent protection to pumps, valves, traps, and other mechanical equipment. These strainers are designed for use in fluid handling systems.

A Basket Strainer is installed into a pipeline system to remove unwanted debris from the pipeline flow. When compare with Y Strainers, Basket Strainers are commonly used in pipelines. Especially when the debris load is high, and the collection of solids is required. Basket Strainers can be installed to acquire effective and successful filtration of unwanted debris.

Straining of the pipeline flow is accomplished through a perforated or mesh-lined basket which is located in the strainer. In general, the size of the basket perforation should be slightly smaller than the smallest debris particle to be removed. If the basket perforation is smaller than the required size, the basket may need excessive cleaning. As a result, if the basket perforation is too large, undesirable debris may be allowed to pass through the pipeline, potentially causing damage to downstream equipment. The Basket Strainer’s precise size is dictated by its function rather than the size of the pipeline.

Cast Iron Basket Strainer

Models of Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer

  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer -ACE-BI-TE
  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer- 125
  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer- BS25-CI
  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer -BS25F-CI
  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer- F55
  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer- F65
  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer- BS55-CI
  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer- BS65-CI
  • Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainer- F66


  • Can be used in applications where the flow can be interrupted for basket cleaning.
  • An excellent choice for the protection of pumps, meters, valves, traps, spray nozzles, and many more applications.


High-Quality Construction

Flanges of the Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainers are designed and built to ANSI, British, and JIS specifications. The material specifications are by ASME and ASTM. Each strainer is required to face a proof pressure test per ASME standards before shipment.

Material Construction for a Variety of Applications

Flanges of the Cast Iron Simplex Basket Strainers are constructed with cast iron, cast, and fabricated carbon steel, and 316 stainless steel to meet the demands of a wider range of applications.

Low Maintenance Costs

Quick opening swing bolt reduces the maintenance time, and few replacement parts are required for the maintenance costs.

Low Installation Costs

The cost of the installation is low due to the online connections.

Low Capital Investments

Competitively priced. Heavy-duty, large-capacity baskets are designed for long-life usage.

Large Capacity Baskets

Large Capacity Baskets provide for a larger basket open area. This ensures low-pressure drops.


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