Automatic Duplex Basket Strainers

What is a Duplex Strainer?

The Duplex Strainer is a one-of-a-kind pipeline product. It protects downstream equipment by eliminating particles from flowing fluids via a perforated, mesh, or wedge wire straining element. Similar to other Strainers, the Duplex strainer, on the other hand, is equipped with two basket chambers and a flow diverter system that allows the pipeline flow to be switched from one chamber to the next, effectively isolating the flow to a single chamber. As a result, the Duplex Strainers are perfect for non-interruptible applications that cannot be turned off for periodic maintenance and cleaning.
These strainers are typically made of iron, carbon steel, bronze, or stainless steel. Iron is the most commonly used metal since it is the cheapest and has strong corrosion resistance in the water and many other applications. Carbon steel is popular in the oil and petrochemical industries because it can withstand greater temperatures and is less susceptible to thermal or mechanical damage. Bronze is more resistant to heat and mechanical shock than iron, and it is preferable in some corrosive applications, although its temperature range is limited. Stainless steel is utilized in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries where corrosion is a concern.

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The biggest advantage of a duplex strainer is that it doesn’t need to be turned off when it gets blocked or needs to be cleaned. Duplex strainers are ideal for continuous flow applications where the flow process cannot be stopped. Chemical, fuel, paper, water, garbage, and even firefighting are among the industries that benefit from this type of system. Duplex strainers stand out because of their wide range of potential applications, making them a must-have for sectors that benefit from their multiple chambers.

Automatic Duplex Basket Strainers


One of the main drawbacks of the duplex trainer is deferential pressure should be checked periodically to determine the witching between strainer baskets. Here in Purple Engineering, we offer our Automatic duplex strainer which can automatically switch between strainer baskets at pre-determined differential pressure. This will ensure continuous flow by eliminating human error.

DS-P-Series Automatic Duplex Strainer

DS-P-Series Automatic Duplex Strainer which is offered by Purple Engineering is one of the best-automated solutions available in the Australian market. DS-P-Series Automatic Duplex Strainer is available in a wide range of sizes to make sure they are suitable for all industrial applications. Sizes in the range of 50mm to 1200mm can be supplied according to your requirement. Furthermore, for best applicability we offer flanged ends ANSI B16.5, AWWA, IS Standards with 150/300 ratings. Butterfly type diverter valves along with standard thru-bolt cover design are available and other cover types can be supplied at your request. To ensure maximum security we offer perforated screens as the standard option and customizable upon your requirement.


DS-P-Series Automatic Duplex Strainer can be installed in vertical and horizontal pains without compromising its filtering ability. In the duplex strainer fabrication process, all the welders are ASME section IX qualified and the strainer is designed to meet the requirements of ASME Section VIII, Div.1.

DS-P-Series Automatic Duplex Strainer comes with standard drain plugs but drain valves can be supplied upon request. Furthermore, Differential pressure indicators and vent plugs are standard. The larger body of the DS-P-Series Automatic Duplex Strainer ensures low-pressure drop. DS-P-Series Automatic Duplex Strainer diverter valves are electrically controlled via IP65 Control Panels. These controller panel classes can be customized to other classes depending on your requirements. All the valves in DS-P-Series Automatic Duplex Strainer can be manually overridden.

Working Principle


At the start let’s consider both filters are clean and ready to use. From those filters, one filter is put in to use while another filter is in stand-by mode. When the fluid with contaminants passes through the operational filter, it will get clogged over time. Due to this Differential pressure build up with time. When Differential pressure reaches the pre-determined level, the controller will close the diverter valve that is in the open state and open the valve that is in the close state which cut off the operational filter and switch the flow to the stand-by filter. After this process is done control panel indicate which filter is clogged. This will help the maintenance team to clean the clogged filter and put it into standby mode. The same process will repeat when each filter is clogged. This process ensures the continuous flow of the fluid within the system.


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